Sunday, July 15, 2012

H&M Vanilla Sugar Lip Balm

Drastic changes happened just a little while after my graduation. Now, I'm still adjusting to my new life (I have work, yey! Not a bum anymore hehe) and hopefully, I"ll be back on top of it all, oh yeah.

Now, onto the product. My sister gave this to me way back December 2011, if I remember it correctly. But I never bothered to even open it. Then one day, I knew that my chapped lips actually need some lip balm so alas!

I'm sorry I am not aware of the product price as this was only a gift.

Upon opening, I can immediately smell the sweet vanilla scent. Just two finger swipes of the product can cover my lips. And, it does leave the waxy feel after application, though not heavily. 

Nonetheless, it gave moisture to my lips for about 3 hours, and I was constantly nibbling and drinking during that time :D

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

egyptian magic cream // update

Good day, dolls!

I'm here to report the updates on my use of the raved Egyptian Magic Cream.

(just had to :D)

Sadly, girls... It is not working as I had hoped.

Since I've used it last February 25, there are two more pimples added on my T-Zone and none of the existing ones were reduced. :( In fact, I think some got worse huhu.

However, I can see signs of smoothness and pore tightening on clear areas.

As instructed in the box, I rub an ample amount of product in between my fingers to warm it up before gently patting it on my entire face. 
It leaves a heavy and sticky feeling  right after application but it goes away once the skin has absorbed the product. 

3 days after seeing that this does nothing for my breakout, I added ACV on my regimen.
Now, I definitely saw some improvements. But that'll be for another post XD

As others may be giving this a 5/5, I'll only be giving this product 3/5 rating. 
Too bad, it doesn't work well with my skin :(

To all other EMC users, how was it?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

giveaway // winners

Good evening, lovelies!

Sorry for the late announcement of winners.
 Last week was my final week of my internship so I somehow gave my all and got busy :D

I listed the names of the participants with assigned numbers.
(Thank you so much, y'all !!! *kisses and hugs*)

And sooooo... the winners are....
 *drum roll*

  YAY !!! Congratulations to all of you! :)
Please do send me a message in Girltalk or email me at mamelpot(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you to all of you who participated!
Hmwaaah :D

Saturday, February 25, 2012

egyptian magic cream

Hello, everyone!
Today, I am sharing with you a product. 

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream 
 195.00 Php for 5 ml

I am currently having continuous breakouts because of stress, hormonal imbalance and a hell lot of other stuffs going on >_< I'm becoming desperate to get rid of all these blemishes. 

I first heard of this product from Bubzbeauty in her review here.
 At that time, I just ignored it. But once I learned that it's now locally available, I immediately bought one. 

 Ingredients: Olive oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Polen, Royal Jelly and Propolis Extract

I am hoping that this will be a great help to make my face blemish-free again. 
Cross fingers! I will be posting next week again about this. Maybe by that time, my face has gotten better :D

Any of you tried this? 

P.S. New header and sig, yay! :D

Sunday, February 19, 2012

digitorial || love map

Good morning, dolls! 

How was your Valentine's Day?
I'm sorry I wasn't able to greet y'all.

This is a very short tutorial you can do for your special someone.
I know this is late.. but you don't stop loving after Valentine's Day, right? :D

 -- ♥♥♥ --

Remember the first time you and your sweetheart first met? Bring back the memories with these brilliant idea!
1. Go to Google Map and search the place where it all began. Some place near it will do :D
2. Print Screen it, copy to a picture editor and then go crazy designing! 
You can also mention stuff that may have been significant that time. 
3. You can print it and give it to him/her as a card, or maybe simply frame it! 

Have fun! :)
** In my case, we first met at class, thus the place ;P

 -- ♥♥♥ --

 I made this for our online shop. 
 Just sharing :D