Saturday, October 22, 2011

haul: lory's hair cream

Good evening, everyone! 
I am here now to share with you one similar thing between me and my Ate.

We both have bad cases of hoarding XD

Yep. To give you a quick overview of how much we hoard, we currently have...
10 Creamsilk Conditioner tubes(big ones)
About 6 or 8 Kojic - san soaps
Tons of stationeries, post its, pens, papers and the likes
Ate recently bought 10 pairs of shoes in one go :D
Yeaaah... That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure we've had more hoarding adventures. 

Anywaaaays. As soon as I saw the Ensogo Lory's Hair Cream Discount voucher, I immediately told her and convinced her that GTers were raving about it. And of course, she agreed. 

I mean, Lory's Hair Creams are already really cheap! I just wasn't convinced that I'd be able to finish a whole jar because I'm not much of a conditioner/hair treatment user.

But then, they added a discount. And now, 15 new babies were added to our hoard collection :D

Mama: "Talaga naman tong mga batang to. Sobra naman sa dami yan, ano ipapaligo niyo na din yan? Gusto niyo ako na magpaligo sa inyo? Tsk, tsk."

I have curly hair, so the Ceramides and Shea Butter variants are for me. 
And the rest is for my dear Ate :D
Well, of course, we'll share it with sis-in-law.

I forgot the number of jars per variant we ordered. 
And I'm too lazy to check :D

I'm really not sure how are we going to consume all of these, considering we still have a large stock of Creamsilk Conditioners. Haha. 
I plan to put a small amount in a pump for sanitary purposes, and less hassle na rin :D

Any one tried these variants? Any inputs? Thanks :D I'm sorry if we're greedy XD


  1. i love the fruit cocktail and duo chocolate. where did you get ceremides? i've been for that variant! =)

  2. Talaga? Nae-excite tuloy akong i-try silang lahat hihi. The jars were delivered as part of the vouchers e. I'll try to keep lookout for you :)

  3. Definitely bad hoarding cases but if the items are as good as Lory products, why not? :) I love Lory so much particularly the Chocolate variant because it really works wonders on my hair. :))

  4. i havent tried lory's ahir cream but wow those are a lot! i want to try them na!