Wednesday, August 24, 2011

tony moly x watsons mini haul

Good day, lovelies!
This is yet another overdue post. Hihihi

When I first read that Tony Moly launched their branch in SM Manila, I was soooo excited.
For some reason, I am suddenly on the lookout for Korean products.

So I immediately asked my friend to accompany me. And of course, we passed by Watsons, too

egg pore shiny skin soap(448 php) || baby doll pot concealer(248 php) || tomatox brightening mask(free~!)
monea curl defining milk hair lotion(99 php) || nichido lip brush(45 php)

Since I've become loyal to my curls, I had to buy something to keep my hair from frizz and hold my curls. And so I found this milk lotion. It smells good. And it really holds curls well. Even if I went to bed, most of my curls are not deformed. As for the frizz, it doesn't do much for me :(

I've been searching for a concealer, and now, here it is. It's really creamy. I haven't used this much yet because for the past few days, I'm always rushing to school  

When I saw this, I was so curious.. And I was sold. It's just so darn cute. If only I could buy the package itself.

It's supposed to help with blackheads and other blemishes. As I was instructed (and as far as I can remember...), I'll be washing my face with the white egg and leave it for 15 - 20 minutes. As for the other one, I'll also be massaging it and leaving it on my face 5 minutes less the time it took me with the white one. 

 ^Is this correct? I hope so xD Haven't use this one also. I haven't got 30 minutes to spend massaging and running around with soap in my face yet 

The tomatox whitening mask is a freebie. I also got a Tony Moly membership card because I got a 500 php worth of purchase. By the power of this card, I can get 2% rebate for 100 php worth of purchase. Yeah.

Yay for long post!  

Saturday, August 20, 2011

nailed with love || bobbie touch of tan

Good evening ladies!
 This is just a quick nail post.

  Please do excuse my cuticles They weren't properly cleaned because I was so sleepy. And also, this is already a 3-day old manicure  

Bobbie Touch of Tan
 8 ml
36.00 Php at Watsons

  Bobbie Nail Hardener || Bobbie Touch of Tan || Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat

I used my Caronia top coat for a change. I'm convinced, it's better than the Bobbie one. Prevents chipping better.
I opted for a professional-looking shade since tomorrow will be our pre-defense.
We had a big dilemma on our thesis yesterday. We had last minute changes on the proposal itself. So much stress.

Now I have a long night ahead. Must go back to work.
Please wish us luck tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

thrift haul { august 6 & 7 }

Good morning, everyone!

So, this is a  long overdue post, I know. I'm sorry

I would like to share to you today my thrift finds. I was influenced by my sister to become an avid thrifter. We seldom have the chance to go to thrift stores so whenever we can, we buy as many as we want

I was really itching to show these to you right away, but for hygienic purposes, I had to have them washed first. So when they dried up, I immediately grabbed them. That's why they're not yet ironed in the pictures

 Since I will be interning next semester, I had to buy different work clothes.

 We are loving the color blocking trend. I first found an H&M royal blue skirt but it didn't fit me well so when I saw this shirt, I was so happy. Plus, it was beside this really cute Bread n Butter mustard yellow shorts. Lovely!
How perfect would that blue shorts go with this orange cardigan!

I'm sorry the colors are kinda washed out and the photo quality ain't that good either. I took these pictures just about the time I had the ant crisis so my mood then wasn't so great

As I can remember, our thrifting bill was about 2,000Php including my sister's pink jacket with fur and gorgeous beach coverup. I felt so fulfilled, being able to buy these many with that price

I hope you enjoyed my finds as much as I did. Have a great day, lovelies!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

nailed with love || bobbie emerald

Another nail post!
 I don't know why but I can't remember myself being too busy on any school-related work.
But I do feel that I've been pressing the snooze button way too many times lately. 
I just can't get out of bed!

Bobbie Glaze Emerald
8 ml
36.00 Php at Watsons

See that "HOT" sticker? Really hot color.

 Bobbie Nail Hardener || Bobbie Emerald || Bobbie Special Quick Dry

I've been noticing that my nails chip faster when I use quick dry top coats


I wasn't actually supposed to buy this because I was opting for a regular green color. But my bestie acknowledged that it is a beautiful color. And yes, I gave in.

It is very sheer. I had to put two thick coats to achieve its bottle color.

Sadly cherie (camera), washed out the colors of this elegant nail polish It is a deeper, richer green in person. Are my adjectives right? XD

 My mom rushed me to do errands just after finishing them so they're currently full of bubbles and the tips are a mess. But I am still slightly obsessed with looking at them. It's been a while since I painted my nailies green!

mini haul { august 12 }

Good morning, dearies! 
I hope you're having a lovely, Sunday morning.

Now, I promised myself this will be a quick post because I'm way behind my thesis work I'm sorry but I'm having a hard time motivating myself to do it.

Anyways, after I had my haircut last Thursday, I instantly went straight to Watsons

1. Bobbie Nail Polish Remover 51.00Php 275 mL
2. Bobbie Cuticle Remover 29.00Php 275 mL
3. Bobbie Emerald 36.00Php 8 mL
4. Chic Neon Blue 32.00Php 10 mL
5. Bobbie Touch of Tan 35.00Php 8 mL
I was running low on the removers so I just had to. I have long been looking for a nude color and I found it! It'll keep my nails looking clean and this would be great on days when I want them a more subdued look. As for the blue and green colors, I just had to take a break away from the red and pink hues of my collection. 

I just have to share this one. I'm having an ant crisis right now! Last Wednesday, I discovered that my Betty Boop shirt (the one I wore on my first mini haul) was being attacked by ants, for some unknown reason. Maybe they have the hots for Betty? So I had Betty washed again (but she's fresh from laundry!). 

Now yesterday, I was about to take pictures for this post when suddenly... Three ants were crossing Cherie's screen! (Cherie is my cam.) How in the world did they get inside And they had to be all together wandering inside my poor Cherie. I had to shake the cam and all but I just can't get them out. One died, right on the screen, and its corpse ... is being tossed around the screen.

Now I feel that Cherie's colors are kinda washed out. Is it even possible for the ants to do something inside the camera that can gravely affect the pictures? I hope not.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

haircut // short curly hair

The other day, I had a haircut at David's salon in SM Manila. 
 At shoulder length, I had straightened hair at the ends of my locks. And despite of my friends telling me to wait a little longer, I was soooo itching to have a haircut already. 

And since, bf and I had a fight, my gut was high enough to courageously go inside the salon without any proper thoughts of what I want my hair to look like.

The hairdresser was good. He cut my hair in about a couple of minutes, literally. My waiting time was longer!

So here it is...

Oh please, please, be kind. My hair's volume is so.. OOOMPH I had to wear a headband by the back of my head so I can somehow tame the shape down, otherwise I'd have a total mushroom head. 
I'm having a love-it-hate-it feeling with my hair right now I love how the curls are being emphasized but I can feel that I would be infinitely teased for a while because of its whole shape. I need to come up with a lot of styles that can make it more school-friendly XD. GAAAAH, help! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

role model

Good morning, ladies! 

Yesterday, we were finally able to pass our Personhood exam. Yeah, I finished answering the exam right before I go to class

It took me soooo long to finish that test because I don't know what to answer in one question.
I've asked my classmates and unlike me, they're so sure and definitive of their answers.
So, I sought for my girlies. I knew they won't be able to answer it, too. And I was right. We all have the same reason

It's a simple question, right? Not for me. It was then I realized that I actually haven't chosen a particular someone to look up to. Oh, dear. I was so convinced that I would just tell the truth and explain it real good. 

But I didn't. I felt that I had to come up with at least one person. 

I haven't really thought of her as a role model but I do admire her. Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess. I've been a follower for a year and I've been fascinated that she's actually living her dreams. She now has a very cool husband and a thriving vintage shop. She is such a charm and she inspires me. Do check her lovely blog.

I hope I didn't bore you
How about you? I would love to know who your role models are.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

nailed with love || caronia on the go

Good day, lovelies! I hope the rainy weather won't keep you from shining!

Due to the continuous visits of various typhoons and low pressure areas, I have made a rather intimate relationship with my bed and pillows. I've been sleeping a lot lately! And I feel guilty about because I've got tons to do

 Anyways, on to the nails, I used the Caronia polish from my haul. And also, I attempted to do french tip. 

 Caronia On the Go 
 8 ml
30.00 Php at Watsons

Bobbie Nail Hardener || Caronia On the Go
Bobbie Black Shadow || Bobbie Special Quick Dry

These were the items that I used. Yeah, I'm a Bobbie fan. 

Sorry for the messy nails. I was watching TV when I was doing this so my attention to details was very ~Lala

 I used tape to do the french tip. They're kinda chipped already because I waited two days before painting a top coat. Just when I noticed they're already chipping. 
Lazy me

 There. Maybe next time I'll do a better french tip and NOT skip top coat hihi.

P.S. I'm loving this girl smilies from Bouncy Bubbles.