Saturday, August 20, 2011

nailed with love || bobbie touch of tan

Good evening ladies!
 This is just a quick nail post.

  Please do excuse my cuticles They weren't properly cleaned because I was so sleepy. And also, this is already a 3-day old manicure  

Bobbie Touch of Tan
 8 ml
36.00 Php at Watsons

  Bobbie Nail Hardener || Bobbie Touch of Tan || Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat

I used my Caronia top coat for a change. I'm convinced, it's better than the Bobbie one. Prevents chipping better.
I opted for a professional-looking shade since tomorrow will be our pre-defense.
We had a big dilemma on our thesis yesterday. We had last minute changes on the proposal itself. So much stress.

Now I have a long night ahead. Must go back to work.
Please wish us luck tomorrow!


  1. Hmmm... Parang mas maganda ang finish at tone ng touch of beige ng bobbie compared to caronia.

  2. @Scatterbraintures, yeah. I did compare it with other touch of tan shades from other brands. I liked this the most :)

    @The Average Jane, thanks a lot! :)

  3. That nail polish color is Mama's favorite. =)