Tuesday, August 16, 2011

thrift haul { august 6 & 7 }

Good morning, everyone!

So, this is a  long overdue post, I know. I'm sorry

I would like to share to you today my thrift finds. I was influenced by my sister to become an avid thrifter. We seldom have the chance to go to thrift stores so whenever we can, we buy as many as we want

I was really itching to show these to you right away, but for hygienic purposes, I had to have them washed first. So when they dried up, I immediately grabbed them. That's why they're not yet ironed in the pictures

 Since I will be interning next semester, I had to buy different work clothes.

 We are loving the color blocking trend. I first found an H&M royal blue skirt but it didn't fit me well so when I saw this shirt, I was so happy. Plus, it was beside this really cute Bread n Butter mustard yellow shorts. Lovely!
How perfect would that blue shorts go with this orange cardigan!

I'm sorry the colors are kinda washed out and the photo quality ain't that good either. I took these pictures just about the time I had the ant crisis so my mood then wasn't so great

As I can remember, our thrifting bill was about 2,000Php including my sister's pink jacket with fur and gorgeous beach coverup. I felt so fulfilled, being able to buy these many with that price

I hope you enjoyed my finds as much as I did. Have a great day, lovelies!


  1. 2,000 for the whole lot?? Wow!

    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. Really appreciate it. Love meeting new blog friends everyday. Do visit again if you have the time :)

    Definitely, Maybe

  2. They look great. Good luck on your internship. =)