Wednesday, August 24, 2011

tony moly x watsons mini haul

Good day, lovelies!
This is yet another overdue post. Hihihi

When I first read that Tony Moly launched their branch in SM Manila, I was soooo excited.
For some reason, I am suddenly on the lookout for Korean products.

So I immediately asked my friend to accompany me. And of course, we passed by Watsons, too

egg pore shiny skin soap(448 php) || baby doll pot concealer(248 php) || tomatox brightening mask(free~!)
monea curl defining milk hair lotion(99 php) || nichido lip brush(45 php)

Since I've become loyal to my curls, I had to buy something to keep my hair from frizz and hold my curls. And so I found this milk lotion. It smells good. And it really holds curls well. Even if I went to bed, most of my curls are not deformed. As for the frizz, it doesn't do much for me :(

I've been searching for a concealer, and now, here it is. It's really creamy. I haven't used this much yet because for the past few days, I'm always rushing to school  

When I saw this, I was so curious.. And I was sold. It's just so darn cute. If only I could buy the package itself.

It's supposed to help with blackheads and other blemishes. As I was instructed (and as far as I can remember...), I'll be washing my face with the white egg and leave it for 15 - 20 minutes. As for the other one, I'll also be massaging it and leaving it on my face 5 minutes less the time it took me with the white one. 

 ^Is this correct? I hope so xD Haven't use this one also. I haven't got 30 minutes to spend massaging and running around with soap in my face yet 

The tomatox whitening mask is a freebie. I also got a Tony Moly membership card because I got a 500 php worth of purchase. By the power of this card, I can get 2% rebate for 100 php worth of purchase. Yeah.

Yay for long post!  


  1. I love the packaging! I understand you completely. For the packaging itself, I've have bought one too. Hehehe! =)

  2. Will you do a review of the Egg pore Shiny Skin soap? I'm so curious too. But I want to read reviews before I finally buy it.

  3. Such a cute little package! I am en esthetician and I love discovering new products that people love :)

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