Saturday, August 13, 2011

haircut // short curly hair

The other day, I had a haircut at David's salon in SM Manila. 
 At shoulder length, I had straightened hair at the ends of my locks. And despite of my friends telling me to wait a little longer, I was soooo itching to have a haircut already. 

And since, bf and I had a fight, my gut was high enough to courageously go inside the salon without any proper thoughts of what I want my hair to look like.

The hairdresser was good. He cut my hair in about a couple of minutes, literally. My waiting time was longer!

So here it is...

Oh please, please, be kind. My hair's volume is so.. OOOMPH I had to wear a headband by the back of my head so I can somehow tame the shape down, otherwise I'd have a total mushroom head. 
I'm having a love-it-hate-it feeling with my hair right now I love how the curls are being emphasized but I can feel that I would be infinitely teased for a while because of its whole shape. I need to come up with a lot of styles that can make it more school-friendly XD. GAAAAH, help! 


  1. Actually, I love it! So bohemian. I'd just wear it down just like that in the photo if I were you. ;)

  2. I have a curly hair too but I don't want to cut it short cause it will really get frizzy and will be harder to tame. I suggest you to try using mousse. ^__^

    BTW, My hair is long and all I do is iron my bangs and I let the rest of my hair curly. I think you can also do that to your hair. Just straighten the hair on the front then style it.