Tuesday, August 2, 2011

nailed with love || caronia on the go

Good day, lovelies! I hope the rainy weather won't keep you from shining!

Due to the continuous visits of various typhoons and low pressure areas, I have made a rather intimate relationship with my bed and pillows. I've been sleeping a lot lately! And I feel guilty about because I've got tons to do

 Anyways, on to the nails, I used the Caronia polish from my haul. And also, I attempted to do french tip. 

 Caronia On the Go 
 8 ml
30.00 Php at Watsons

Bobbie Nail Hardener || Caronia On the Go
Bobbie Black Shadow || Bobbie Special Quick Dry

These were the items that I used. Yeah, I'm a Bobbie fan. 

Sorry for the messy nails. I was watching TV when I was doing this so my attention to details was very ~Lala

 I used tape to do the french tip. They're kinda chipped already because I waited two days before painting a top coat. Just when I noticed they're already chipping. 
Lazy me

 There. Maybe next time I'll do a better french tip and NOT skip top coat hihi.

P.S. I'm loving this girl smilies from Bouncy Bubbles.


  1. i have the same bottle of nail polish but i haven't use it yet. i don't think that color compliments me =)

  2. Maybe you can use it as an accent color =)

  3. I've just bought this! Nice green color! ^__^