Thursday, July 28, 2011

self concept // self esteem

Good morning, pals. 
Joana is cramming ! Again and again.

I had to wake up early today because I haven't answered a single question in our Personhood Exam , and yes, there is such a subject in our curriculum. Honestly, the exam was due yesterday but since classes were suspended (thank goodness) our next meeting would be next Wednesday.

I just wanted to get it through already because I'm planning to go out with my lovely girls this Saturday. Amidst all of the pressure given by my thesis mates (sorry girls, I'll just work on wee hours till my undereye circles cover my whole cheeks).

So back to the exam topic. It's about self-concept and self-esteem. Asking questions whether I always see the negative in me or if I'm soooooo good I always see the wrong in others. Can you guess where little joana fits? 

Actually, there's a lot of questions here that can be good blog posts. Yay! Supplements for lazy blogging times :3.

As of now, let's stop at this question. Because it's so self-realization~ish.
 P.S. Yay for plenty colorful smilies!


  1. I am definitely one for the former. I am my own worst critic. Not especially good for the self-esteem, but can't help it sometimes.

  2. I'll definitely fail in an exam like this one ^_^

  3. @blackshirt13 I think most of us girls are self-criticizing. I feel you. :D

    @chewonthis I'm actually having a hard time answering it! Now I'm wondering how will we be graded. Dang. XD