Tuesday, July 26, 2011

eb retractable brush x sunglasses

Good evening lovelies! 

As I said in my post earlier today, I'll share my thoughts about my buys.
First up, the sunglasses. I really don't know what brand it is. I saw Kinetix on my receipt but I don't know if its a brand name. Oh well.

At first I was opting for a more beach-friendly pair of shades (in July, yeah) and I was actually able to find a good pair but then I saw this. My ladies told me that I looked more mature in this pair than the other one. And since, I rarely look mature, I chose this!

 The next item is...

The Ever Bilena Retractable Brush. I wanted a retractable brush because I don't want to use sponge for face powder and this was the only available brush I can find aside from Marionnaud. My Marionnaud brushes took a while when I washed them and I don't want that for an everyday brush; me hates waiting. 

Unfortunately. This brush sheds. Right after I opened it, a couple of strands fell out. And to my dismay, the side strands close to the tube are all messed up. Is that to be expected in every retractable brush? Well, that's for getting a cheap one, little joana. But it's soft.

Yeah. It is soft. For me. I hope the strands fix themselves when I wash them xD.


  1. I hope they can make their products better next time. I would love to buy Filipino beauty products more often but I'm afraid, they are not comparable with the other brands :(

  2. I like the shades. =)

  3. Early this morning, it was my first try on the EB brush and it went crazy shedding! So horrible :(

  4. I love those shades!! And retractable brushes are awesome!! Keeps things so much cleaner