Thursday, July 21, 2011

joana yet again

So here I am. Again. Trying to recreate this blog. Teehihi. 

This is the nth time I'd try my hands on writing. I admit, I am not fond of keeping diaries/journals. I want to, but I am a self-confessed lazy person. I just can't commit to writing regularly, or in a blog's case, posting regularly. Also, I am currently poor at gathering my thoughts and putting them together to form a meaningful, worthwhile entry, oh dear... And really, I am that lazy.

Now, you say "Then why keep trying? Just stop already!!!" (or maybe it's the evil, pessimistic joana who said that). I think it's because of those blogs I read everyday. I always envy them. Sharing their life with other people and connecting. Actually connecting AND inspiring. Hihihi, envious me. 

And I just can't help it. There are moments when I'm just daydreaming and then suddenly feel an urge to blog. 

Today, I start to blog again. 
I will treat my blog as another friend whom I want to share my everyday life (maybe not really everyday, but you know :D). 

Ooooh. I can feel it. The "blog vibe"! Is there such? Haha.

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