Sunday, July 15, 2012

H&M Vanilla Sugar Lip Balm

Drastic changes happened just a little while after my graduation. Now, I'm still adjusting to my new life (I have work, yey! Not a bum anymore hehe) and hopefully, I"ll be back on top of it all, oh yeah.

Now, onto the product. My sister gave this to me way back December 2011, if I remember it correctly. But I never bothered to even open it. Then one day, I knew that my chapped lips actually need some lip balm so alas!

I'm sorry I am not aware of the product price as this was only a gift.

Upon opening, I can immediately smell the sweet vanilla scent. Just two finger swipes of the product can cover my lips. And, it does leave the waxy feel after application, though not heavily. 

Nonetheless, it gave moisture to my lips for about 3 hours, and I was constantly nibbling and drinking during that time :D

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

egyptian magic cream // update

Good day, dolls!

I'm here to report the updates on my use of the raved Egyptian Magic Cream.

(just had to :D)

Sadly, girls... It is not working as I had hoped.

Since I've used it last February 25, there are two more pimples added on my T-Zone and none of the existing ones were reduced. :( In fact, I think some got worse huhu.

However, I can see signs of smoothness and pore tightening on clear areas.

As instructed in the box, I rub an ample amount of product in between my fingers to warm it up before gently patting it on my entire face. 
It leaves a heavy and sticky feeling  right after application but it goes away once the skin has absorbed the product. 

3 days after seeing that this does nothing for my breakout, I added ACV on my regimen.
Now, I definitely saw some improvements. But that'll be for another post XD

As others may be giving this a 5/5, I'll only be giving this product 3/5 rating. 
Too bad, it doesn't work well with my skin :(

To all other EMC users, how was it?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

giveaway // winners

Good evening, lovelies!

Sorry for the late announcement of winners.
 Last week was my final week of my internship so I somehow gave my all and got busy :D

I listed the names of the participants with assigned numbers.
(Thank you so much, y'all !!! *kisses and hugs*)

And sooooo... the winners are....
 *drum roll*

  YAY !!! Congratulations to all of you! :)
Please do send me a message in Girltalk or email me at mamelpot(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you to all of you who participated!
Hmwaaah :D

Saturday, February 25, 2012

egyptian magic cream

Hello, everyone!
Today, I am sharing with you a product. 

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream 
 195.00 Php for 5 ml

I am currently having continuous breakouts because of stress, hormonal imbalance and a hell lot of other stuffs going on >_< I'm becoming desperate to get rid of all these blemishes. 

I first heard of this product from Bubzbeauty in her review here.
 At that time, I just ignored it. But once I learned that it's now locally available, I immediately bought one. 

 Ingredients: Olive oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Polen, Royal Jelly and Propolis Extract

I am hoping that this will be a great help to make my face blemish-free again. 
Cross fingers! I will be posting next week again about this. Maybe by that time, my face has gotten better :D

Any of you tried this? 

P.S. New header and sig, yay! :D

Sunday, February 19, 2012

digitorial || love map

Good morning, dolls! 

How was your Valentine's Day?
I'm sorry I wasn't able to greet y'all.

This is a very short tutorial you can do for your special someone.
I know this is late.. but you don't stop loving after Valentine's Day, right? :D

 -- ♥♥♥ --

Remember the first time you and your sweetheart first met? Bring back the memories with these brilliant idea!
1. Go to Google Map and search the place where it all began. Some place near it will do :D
2. Print Screen it, copy to a picture editor and then go crazy designing! 
You can also mention stuff that may have been significant that time. 
3. You can print it and give it to him/her as a card, or maybe simply frame it! 

Have fun! :)
** In my case, we first met at class, thus the place ;P

 -- ♥♥♥ --

 I made this for our online shop. 
 Just sharing :D

Sunday, February 12, 2012

sto. niño // costumes

A peaceful Sunday to all you grand dolls!
 Here is the part two of my Sto. Niño post.

In this post, I'll be showing you the costumes of the dance troupes :)

They were all so colorful and lively.

These two kids are so adorable! They're twins and yes, those are their natural, very curly hair. They were very passionate in copying the dance steps. So cute! :D

Meet Mudra! Hihihi, she's really energetic and happy every time we go to this event.


I took a stolen shot from these Uling Boys because whenever they see that they're being photographed, they'd run towards the person holding the cam. Big NO. I don't wanna go home looking like we played in a puddle of black oil!

Lastly, we saw this friendly queer. He was so sweet to offer taking a picture with Mudra.
He was wearing this green contact lenses that looked good on him :D Share lang.

That's it! I must admit, this year ain't as lively and vigorous as the previous ones.
But I still felt the enthusiasm of the devotees. :3

Saturday, February 11, 2012

sto. niño // floats

Good morning, everyone!
This is a long overdue post. Sorry :D
Picture Overload ahead, too.

Ever since I was a baby, Mudra used to take me to the Sto. Niño parade.
The procession happens every last Sunday of January starting from the World Trade Center compound up to Rizal Park.

Hundreds of devotees dressed up and arranged their Baby Jesus images. 


Creative floats of the Sto. Niño are highlighted.

Look at that! They're very creative, actually.


There were 175 floats. And there were even some numbers with "sub-floats" (See that orange float? 68-C, there was a 68-A and B)
And for other floats, there were like 10 images. So many baby Sto. Niños! :D


Sorry, I was only using my HTC so the pictures are slightly blurred. The lights on the left float were actually small carousels, they were just so cute. Too bad the picture didn't do much justice :(


And that is the float of Our Lady of Manaoag. She's the final float to go.
I always look forward to seeing her, every year.

Well, I hope I didn't bore you that much!
I'll be posting costumes of dance troupes, soon :D

Friday, February 10, 2012

closet treasures // necklaces

Hello, fabulous dolls!

See that pile of tangled necklaces above? 
Those are all from Mudra (Mother)'s closet.
And that's not all of them.
I remember how she just put them on shoe boxes because there are so many of them.
Apparently, when Father was still working in Nigeria, he got wild buying jewelry for Mom.

I can only find one shoebox, I believe some are with my sister in SG, and some I've been using and the others... Well, we really don't know :D

Anyway, I have "excavated" these necklaces one night in search for a good accessory to pair with my outfit. I've learned that all these are real precious stones.
Well, me and my Mom are no jewelry experts but she informed me that when I press the stones on my forehead, and they feel cold, then they're real. 
Honestly, I don't know if it's true or Mudra just made that up. 

What I really care about is how pretty they all were. Such variety of colors, styles, beading... Oh I can go on blabbering, you know.

And I feel so bad showing them like these, so I've decided to make a series of posts featuring each of them. Yeps, I'd be categorizing them and be sharing them with you.

I hope you'll like these babies as much as I do!
(Woah, long post @_@)

follow me // bloglovin

Good evening, everyone!

Just  a quick post here. 
Me wanna share that joanadoodles has just landed bloglovin!

Now I can follow you lovely people and I hope, oh how I do,
that you'll follow me too! :)

You can follow me by clicking that amazing picture in your right


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

nailed with love || valentines nail art

Hello everyone!
 Here is another nail blog post for you.
Love month has officially started and Valentine's Day is near so I decided
that I want something Valentine-y on my nails :D

I don't think the darker pink looked anything close to a heart. 
They were supposed to be hearts outlined with white dots!

 Bobbie Nail Hardener || Caronia Carolina Peach || Caronia Summer Fling
Sassy White Satin || Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat

It's not obvious in the pictures but actually, I combined Carolina Peach with White Satin so there are very slightly visible white streaks :) I tried my best to draw a heart shape at
the nail tips and then outlined it with small white dots.

This is my first time to do an actual nail art with dotting and drawing blah blah.
Please be gentle with the comments :D

Thursday, February 2, 2012

giveaway - lory's hair cream

Hello, everyone!
I'm back. Again and again.
Oh dear, after all those blog-hopping and thinking "I really should be back with my blog",
I am finally here! :3

I am terrrribly sorry for the long, long absence. Oh my. I won't promise anything anymore.
No pressure at all. Hahaha. 

Now, as a punishment for me and as a reward for you dear lovelies, I am now to hold
my very first giveaway! Eeeep! 

Remember that Lory's Hair Cream Haul that I posted way back? 
Well, so far, we are TOTALLY loving it!
And I know that this product is sooo well loved by all you ladies, and that is why
I am giving away 3 of these biggies! Yes not 1, not 2... but 3!!!

3 lucky gals can get any variant of their choice from these: 

duo chocolate || fruit cocktail || shea butter || snake oil || ceramides
It's very simple to win! All you have to do is leave a comment down below sharing
your hair type together with your hair regimen, regardless of the products being used. The winners will be drawn randomly thru and then announced here on my blog by the end of the month. Comments will be up until February 28, 2012. All comments beyond that will be invalid.

That's all for now! Please, please join! I'd love to hear your rituals! :D

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

nailed with love || gradient effect

Hello darlings! 
Here is another attempt to make up for the very long time of absence.

I know it's late for Christmas. 
But hey, everyone can use a bit of sparkle everyday!
Bobbie Nail Hardener || Bobbie Pussy Red || Chic Glaze Silver Dust ||Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat

I just used a makeup sponge in applying the red nail polish to create the gradient effect.
Added silver glitters to make it livelier. 

I'm thinking about how I should have made a tutorial for this. 
Anyone want a tutorial?

By the way, sorry for the low quality of pictures. I only used camera phone.