Sunday, February 12, 2012

sto. niño // costumes

A peaceful Sunday to all you grand dolls!
 Here is the part two of my Sto. Niño post.

In this post, I'll be showing you the costumes of the dance troupes :)

They were all so colorful and lively.

These two kids are so adorable! They're twins and yes, those are their natural, very curly hair. They were very passionate in copying the dance steps. So cute! :D

Meet Mudra! Hihihi, she's really energetic and happy every time we go to this event.


I took a stolen shot from these Uling Boys because whenever they see that they're being photographed, they'd run towards the person holding the cam. Big NO. I don't wanna go home looking like we played in a puddle of black oil!

Lastly, we saw this friendly queer. He was so sweet to offer taking a picture with Mudra.
He was wearing this green contact lenses that looked good on him :D Share lang.

That's it! I must admit, this year ain't as lively and vigorous as the previous ones.
But I still felt the enthusiasm of the devotees. :3

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