Sunday, August 14, 2011

nailed with love || bobbie emerald

Another nail post!
 I don't know why but I can't remember myself being too busy on any school-related work.
But I do feel that I've been pressing the snooze button way too many times lately. 
I just can't get out of bed!

Bobbie Glaze Emerald
8 ml
36.00 Php at Watsons

See that "HOT" sticker? Really hot color.

 Bobbie Nail Hardener || Bobbie Emerald || Bobbie Special Quick Dry

I've been noticing that my nails chip faster when I use quick dry top coats


I wasn't actually supposed to buy this because I was opting for a regular green color. But my bestie acknowledged that it is a beautiful color. And yes, I gave in.

It is very sheer. I had to put two thick coats to achieve its bottle color.

Sadly cherie (camera), washed out the colors of this elegant nail polish It is a deeper, richer green in person. Are my adjectives right? XD

 My mom rushed me to do errands just after finishing them so they're currently full of bubbles and the tips are a mess. But I am still slightly obsessed with looking at them. It's been a while since I painted my nailies green!

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