Sunday, August 14, 2011

mini haul { august 12 }

Good morning, dearies! 
I hope you're having a lovely, Sunday morning.

Now, I promised myself this will be a quick post because I'm way behind my thesis work I'm sorry but I'm having a hard time motivating myself to do it.

Anyways, after I had my haircut last Thursday, I instantly went straight to Watsons

1. Bobbie Nail Polish Remover 51.00Php 275 mL
2. Bobbie Cuticle Remover 29.00Php 275 mL
3. Bobbie Emerald 36.00Php 8 mL
4. Chic Neon Blue 32.00Php 10 mL
5. Bobbie Touch of Tan 35.00Php 8 mL
I was running low on the removers so I just had to. I have long been looking for a nude color and I found it! It'll keep my nails looking clean and this would be great on days when I want them a more subdued look. As for the blue and green colors, I just had to take a break away from the red and pink hues of my collection. 

I just have to share this one. I'm having an ant crisis right now! Last Wednesday, I discovered that my Betty Boop shirt (the one I wore on my first mini haul) was being attacked by ants, for some unknown reason. Maybe they have the hots for Betty? So I had Betty washed again (but she's fresh from laundry!). 

Now yesterday, I was about to take pictures for this post when suddenly... Three ants were crossing Cherie's screen! (Cherie is my cam.) How in the world did they get inside And they had to be all together wandering inside my poor Cherie. I had to shake the cam and all but I just can't get them out. One died, right on the screen, and its corpse ... is being tossed around the screen.

Now I feel that Cherie's colors are kinda washed out. Is it even possible for the ants to do something inside the camera that can gravely affect the pictures? I hope not.

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  1. We have ants all over here too. Why are there so many friggin' ants anyway? So darn annoying. >_<